Case History

Marion Illinois Construction & The Department of Veteran Affairs 

Project Management for construction of a new VA Facility

Sole management of a multifaceted project with tight deadlines and tight budget.

PMSG was commended by Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, for exemplary performance shown in its speed and performance efficiency on this project.

Additionally, the task being performed by PMSG, was historically performed by Construction companies. Estimated to be completed in 24 months, PMSG met the contractual requirements in just 13 months, managing every aspect of the contract from ground-breaking ceremony to ribbon cutting.

One of the keys to success for PMSG was its employment of a project management software that tracked time in 15 minute intervals, vice the original software which tracked in 30 minute intervals. This simple change reduced contract overruns, and better aligned performance time with task being performed and implemented a new approach that removed efficiencies.

Veterans would process at one of two locations, Washington or Virginia. Their records would be shipped to the process location after being processed at Fort Knox.

PMSG then coordinated/scheduled the healthcare professionals at the VA to meet with and examine each veteran to identify symptoms or indicators of current or future possible health issues, discuss recommendations, and implement an early-start treatment protocol to manage and maintain a healthy life as they transitioned back to civilian life.

PMSG’s management of the flow of evaluations between VA provider facilities and the military maintained veteran appointments on time and on schedule.