Case History

Booz –Allen-Hamilton

Project Management for a Post-deployment Health Assessment Program.

Processing homebound Veterans from theater wars in Iraq required they go through numerous checkpoints in a lengthy inefficient process. Potential medical issues and VA claims were not being recognized in a timely manner, resulting in more costs to the institution when finally detected. This inefficient process was compounded by the over 300,000 vets from almost every state in the country waiting to be processed.

PMSG managed the entire process, created and implemented a new approach that removed efficiencies.

Veterans would process at one of two locations, Washington or Virginia. Their records would be shipped to the process location after being processed at Fort Knox.

PMSG then coordinated/scheduled the healthcare professionals at the VA to meet with and examine each veteran to identify symptoms or indicators of current or future possible health issues, discuss recommendations, and implement an early-start treatment protocol to manage and maintain a healthy life as they transitioned back to civilian life.

PMSG’s management of the flow of evaluations between VA provider facilities and the military maintained veteran appointments on time and on schedule.